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Your home for music performance

All music courses, including our performing ensembles, are open to every student at NC State. With over 60 classes to choose from, more than 20 performing ensembles and dozens of student organizations, we provide music making opportunities that meet you where you are. Whether you’re interested in serious study of your instrument or just want to get together with new friends for a casual jam session, you can keep music in your life no matter what major you choose.

In the music department, we believe music is an essential expression of the human experience and an integral part of who musicians are as people. We’re here to help you follow your musical interests wherever they lead, and inspire lifelong music making in all its forms. The music community at NC State is vibrant and welcoming. Come join your Pack.

The [music department] community has been my main community since coming to college. I’ve bonded with the other students in marching band, pep band and symphonic band every year.

Miranda Smith

Business Administration and Economics, ’22

Minor in Music Performance

If you’re passionate about playing an instrument or singing and want to go deeper with your study, consider the performance track of the music minor. The minor enables you to take five semesters of private music lessons with our amazing applied faculty, and gives you opportunities to hone your craft through performance in ensembles and recitals.

A female student sings with her arms raised during a music minor recital. Behind her, a man accompanies her on the piano.

Resources for student-musicians

Whether you’re enrolling in one of our ensembles or just looking for a place to get your fingers on the keys of a piano for an hour, we have resources to help you continue making music at NC State. All NC State students are eligible to reserve practice rooms in Price Music Center. Instrument rentals are available for students enrolled in our ensembles or pursuing a music performance minor.