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Scholarship Auditions

In order to complete your application and be given full consideration for a music scholarship, you must submit a link to a video through Pack ASSIST showing a performance by you on your primary instrument.

You may submit only one video link. We recommend either submitting a shared video stored in Google Drive, or a link to a private or unlisted YouTube upload. Be sure to confirm that the privacy or sharing settings on your video will allow us to view it.

Please review the audition video requirements carefully, to ensure your scholarship application will be given full consideration.

Audition requirements

Please note: If you are hoping to be considered for a marching band scholarship, be sure to audition on your marching band instrument.

  1. Videos should show the entire performer, so we can see your full instrument, hands, posture and breathing. Pianists and drum set players should include the pedals in the frame.
  2. Video must include up to five minutes of solo music (with or without accompaniment) that best demonstrates your musical abilities.
  3. Vocalists should include two contrasting songs.
  4. Wind players must also include a performance of the chromatic scale over the range of their instrument, and any four major scales.
  5. Pianists and guitarists must also include a performance of any four major scales.
  6. Instrumentalists interested in being considered for a jazz scholarship should include three choruses of F blues using the mp3 at this link as your accompaniment.